Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Joy of Work (Design History Assignment II)

How does the concept of “Joy of Work” relate to modern thinking?

Before the emerges of Art and Craft movement from the Industrial era, people were frustrated with the machines for their bad working condition. Social movement emerged to fulfill their needs in workplace. They seem to be working for the sake of money and without any sense of enjoyment and “spirit” in working. Thus, the need of “Joy of Work” by the people at that time. The creative side of people and designers are restricted and creativity is left to the bare for economic purposes. The need of the sense of creativity and human “spirit” in design, not the mass produced machine produce.

In context with the current modern thinking, like in the early 20th century, most people are still working for the sake of money. Work is perceived as labor, not something that people would do for fun or enjoyment. There is even a saying that if you enjoy doing your work, it would not be called work at all. Thus, there are still the need of “Joy of Work” in today modern thinking. People are trying to find something that they enjoy doing and getting money doing it. This can be seen in a lot of self help books on finding their own interest in life. 

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